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40+ People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

Sometimes, things escalate from bad to worse so rapidly that all you can do is laugh. After all, they can’t get much worse than some of the ridiculous situations in this list. Yes, from inexplicable car mishaps to some curious culinary disasters, these incidents really take the cake when it comes to having a bad day.

1. Up on the rooftop

Really, it doesn’t get much more ridiculous than this. How do you get stuck on the roof with not one but two ladders at your disposal? On the bright side, we guess if they were taking a picture, they had their cell phone to hand to call for help.

2. Wet cement

A sign saying “Wet Cement” is not a challenge, as this Porsche driver discovered back in 2012. Let’s just hope the driver wasn’t hoping for a quick getaway, eh?

3. Traitor in our midst

He was supposed to protect us, and instead the dark side pulled him in to become one of them. Was he really to blame? Was he innocent, weak, merely a defective detector, or was he an intentional defector who escaped detection?

4. Beach picnic

There’s really no way this situation could get any worse for this guy. Not only has his friend buried him in the sand, but they’ve also thrown potato chips all around his head. You can just imagine the dawning realization as the seagulls start to flock, and the inevitable occurs…