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Hilariously Awkward Clothing Fails So Bad They Have Us In Stitches

Imagine designing a uniform that the president of world cycling calls “unacceptable by any standards of decency.” That’s when you know you’ve really messed up, right? But the Colombian cycling gear designer wasn't the only one to ever fail so publically. Seriously: nothing will prepare you for these clothing catastrophes!

45. They really butchered that design

Did the women in Team Hungary walk through a butchers’ store to get to the Parade of Nations in 2008? What a bizarre get-up. Especially when compared to their male counterparts’ plain white blazers. Thankfully, Zsuzsanna Jakabos’ beauty managed to steal some of the attention away from this horror-show in China. Just about.

44. Eyes up

Stylish cycling outfits at the Olympics are a rare breed. A very rare breed. Yet even so, there can’t be any excuses for Team USA’s costume at the 2012 games in London, England. What an absolute disaster that was. Why would anyone design the crotch like that? It boggles the mind!

43. Death of America

Um, did America end? Well, yes, according to this rather odd red sweatshirt. It suggests the United States kicked the bucket on some unspecified date in 1991. Somehow we managed to completely miss this seismic event. Perhaps the breakup of the Soviet Union took all the headlines?

42. Things are going swimmingly in these new sneakers

We can’t quite make out what brand these snazzy silver, white and blue sneakers are. But we’re a bit perplexed that the design team arrived at a logo that looks like, ahem, a swimming sperm. Brings a whole new meaning to the slogan “Just Do It”!