Here’s What Happens To Your Body If You Drink Lemon Water Every Day For A Week

If you usually reach for a cool soda or beer on a hot summer’s day, then you’re certainly not alone. But perhaps you should be switching your choice of beverage to something much simpler — lemon water. Why? Well, though it’s an acquired taste, lemon water is becoming increasingly popular across the planet. More and more people are learning about the surprising impact lemon water can have on the body, especially if you drink it for a whole week.

Two simple ingredients

As its name suggests, lemon water is a very simple combination of just two basic and easily attainable ingredients, and making it is as easy as pie. Simply pour a glass of clean, safe-to-drink H2O – tap water in most developed countries is fine – and then carefully squeeze about half the juice from the lemon into the liquid.

Lemon water is becoming more popular

And in addition to being easy to make, the drink is also relatively cheap – particularly if you live in a warm enough climate to grow and maintain your own lemon tree. That’s likely at least part of the reason why it’s such a popular thirst-quencher in Asia. But the effects of the tart concoction may account for its increasing popularity, too.

A dramatic impact

Yes, as we previously mentioned, drinking lemon water can have quite the dramatic impact on the human body. And while some of these changes are more or less immediate, others are reported to take hold after only a week of consuming the beverage several times a day.

Here's what could happen

So, what exactly does lemon water do to us? And what happens if you go the distance and incorporate this drink into your life for at least seven days? Well, content marketing guru Bill Widmer has revealed some of the things you could expect to happen if you choose to take on the lemon water challenge.