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Wendy’s Founder Apologized For Naming The Iconic Chain After His Daughter

“I’m sorry.” Those two little words held huge meaning when Dave Thomas said them to his beloved daughter. You see, he was the man who created the Wendy’s restaurant chain – and she’s the inspiration behind its name. But Thomas grew to feel real regret about that decision. And now, we’ve finally discovered the unexpected reason why.

Internal turmoil

Who knew that there was such internal angst behind-the-scenes at Wendy’s? It certainly didn’t affect the food anyway! Yes, while McDonald’s and Burger King are famous for their patties, the restaurant with the red-headed mascot is right up there with them. Yet one other thing about the latter continues to stand out: the name.

Unglamorous name

For some, Wendy’s might lack the pizzazz of its competitors’ titles. Then again, the name’s simplicity could also work in its favor in attracting potential customers. However you feel about it, though, have you ever asked yourself why the company went with that familiar name?


Thomas’ daughter Wendy Thomas-Morse sat down for a chat with the chain’s blog to explain what lay behind the name. But interestingly, she wasn’t actually born Wendy. No, her real name was Melinda Lou. But her siblings couldn’t say it properly, according to The New York Times. And instead, they settled on “Wenda.”

Bold claim

Then, “Wenda” quickly became Wendy. But she never could’ve imagined that she would eventually lend this nickname to one of the world’s largest fast food chains. Recalling the brand’s creation, she revealed, “My dad came home and said, ‘I’m going to start a restaurant, and it’s going to be a hamburger restaurant.’”