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Experts Have Identified The Specific Habits That Can Delay Memory Loss

Stiff joints, falling asleep in front of the TV, a little forgetfulness... It’s just a fact of life that our memory gets worse as we age. It’s something we all have to face up to eventually. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain practices we can adopt to help slow the decline. As a matter of fact, a study has identified a six specific behaviors that we should all take up to keep our memories in shape.

Slowing memory decline

The experts involved in this study certainly didn’t rush to any conclusions: the whole thing took place over the course of a decade! But by the end of that long period, they’d managed to identify a bevy of different practices that help to inhibit memory decline and lower the possibility of dementia taking hold.

Under examination

Some 29,000 individuals were assessed as part of this study, which began in 2009. All of the subjects involved were over the age of 60 and were deemed initially to have “normal cognition,” which was established by neuropsychological testing. They were also checked for the presence of the APOE gene, which was very important.

Change measured over a decade

It was key to establish who carried the APOE gene, as it’s strongly linked with the development of Alzheimer’s disease in people. So, with all of that information noted, the subjects were sent away again to live their lives. Over the course of the next decade, they were called in for assessments from time to time.

Differentiating the participants

The researchers split the participants of the study into a variety of categories. People were differentiated, for instance, on the basis of whether or not they carried the APOE gene. But on top of that, their lifestyles and habits were also considered. Six distinct categories of behavior were noted.