Surprising Ways Vicks VapoRub Can Enhance Our Daily Routines

Feel a sniffle or a stuffy nose coming on? You probably reach for Vicks VapoRub. And that’s a good idea, as the menthol-rich formula is a winner when it comes to clearing sinuses and soothing the symptoms of colds. But the tried-and-tested ointment is actually more versatile than you think! If you rub it on your feet at night, you’re sure to reap the benefits come morning. Here’s why that weird trick works — along with other handy tips that you should definitely know about.

1. Relieve earache

An earache is an extremely common ailment and is usually nothing to worry about. That being said, it’s always best to check with a doctor that the discomfort is not being caused by anything too serious. If the pain isn’t a symptom of an underlying problem, then it’s possible to treat it at home. And yep, you guessed it, VapoRub may well be the perfect product.

Relief within hours

If you want to keep earache at bay, simply apply some VapoRub onto a cotton ball and place it into the opening of your ear. Those who swear by the tip recommend leaving it there for a few hours in order to ease the pain. Plus, you can repeat the process until the discomfort subsides. And the extra piece of good news is that the lotion will also help to prevent infection. What a bonus!

2. Put it on your feet to ease a cough

Any Vicks VapoRub aficionado can tell you that the stuff helps to soothe coughs and colds. You just have to rub some onto your chest and breathe in deeply, right? Well, that’s true enough, but some pioneering users have come to realize that it’s not just an upper-body-only remedy.

Body signals

When you next have an irritating cough, then, try applying VapoRub to the bottoms of your feet before sliding into socks. And while that idea may sound a little odd, don’t rule it out completely. According to some people, slathering the ointment on this part of the body tells your throat to stop tickling. Apparently, your chest will loosen up a bit, too.