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This Is What Going Vegan For A Month Really Does To Your Body

If we’ve learned anything over the past few years, it’s that veganism is here to stay. But while the ethical reasons to take on this diet might be enough for some to make the lifestyle change, we have to ask: what does it actually do to our bodies? If you’re giving Veganuary a try, or even if you just want to see what all the fuss is about, pay close attention.

Good bacteria will flourish

To begin with, let’s focus on one of the internal changes that come from adopting veganism. When a person cuts meat and dairy out of their diet for vegan options, the microbiomes in their stomach start to alter. Simply put, this “good bacteria” thrives in an environment where fiber is more prominent.

Reduce inflammation of the stomach

How do those microbiomes actually help your body, though? According to the Environmental Microbiology Reports journal, a boost in good bacteria can lower your chances of suffering from stomach inflammation. If you struggle with indigestion, that might be music to your ears — and your metabolism could pick up as well. That isn’t the only potential benefit that comes with the dietary switch, either.

Shedding the pounds

Talk often turns to weight loss when veganism crops up in conversation. And based on her experiences as a dietitian, Jennifer Mimkha told Health.com, “Many clients tell me they are surprised by how easy it was to lose weight once they transitioned to a fully plant-based diet.” If we take a closer look at this topic, though, perhaps that shouldn’t come as such a surprise.

Less calories, less snacking

Why? Most vegan foods don’t contain as many calories as meat dishes do, so a drop should be expected. And on top of that, followers of the new diet will quickly realize that certain high-calorie nibbles are now off the table. If you’re eating less, then of course you’re likely to shed some weight. Then again, it can go the other way.