30 Of The Very Best Celebrity Golfers

Golf is a sport that has captured the hearts of many, including some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. From A-list actors to award-winning musicians, these celebrities have proven that they not only have talent in their respective fields, but on the golf course as well. Some of them play for fun, while others are serious about their golf game and have even played in pro-am tournaments. In this list, we take a look at the 30 best celebrity golfers, their accomplishments on the course, and how they have helped to promote the game. So, grab your golf clubs, and let's tee off with the best of the best.

Bill Murray

Legendary actor Bill Murray certainly knows his way around a golf course. He famously starred in Caddyshack in the ‘80s, arguably one of the best golf movies ever made, and he reportedly has a handicap of 7.2 It's clear that he's a big fan of golf, and he's been a consistent participant at the Pebble Beach AT&T Pro-Am, where he's created some unforgettable moments over the years. On top of that, he's a co-owner of William Murray Golf, a golf apparel brand. His passion for golf is undeniable, and his involvement in the industry extends beyond just playing the game. Whether he's teeing off or designing new golf apparel, this celebrity's love for golf is evident, and his contributions to the sport are noteworthy.

Justin Timberlake

Did you know that Justin Timberlake is actually a pretty serious golfer? The pop singer has been spotted playing in various celebrity tournaments. He’s also an ambassador for the PGA Tour and owns a golf course in Tennessee. JT even made a hole-in-one during the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is not only a Hollywood star, but a star on the golf course too. He even designed his very own golf course! As a skilled golfer, he has participated in several pro-am tournaments and has also hosted his own charity golf tournament, where his star-studded guest list included many fellow celebrities. When it comes to golf, Wahlberg is more than just a casual player; he's a force to be reckoned with.

Michael Jordan

With several pro-am tournaments under his belt, Jordan has proven that he doesn’t mess around when it comes to golf. His competitive spirit is well known among his golf buddies, and he's been known to make some serious wagers on the outcome of his golf games. But, as one of the greatest athletes of all time, it's no surprise that Jordan brings that same level of intensity and skill to the golf course. Whether it's basketball or golf, Jordan is always ready to compete and come out on top.