The Rock Shared His Wild 'Cheat Meals,' And We're Impressed He's Even Able To Finish Them

Dwayne Johnson’s physique is nothing short of Herculean. And it’s safe to say that maintaining his massive muscles is a full-time job that requires dedication in the gym and restraint in his diet. But even giants like The Rock need a day off. And when he takes one, he goes all-in on his cheat meals – which will likely leave you feeling hungry and sick in equal measure.

Super strict regime

It’s fair to say that Johnson has built a career on his epic proportions. From his early days as The Rock to the archetypal action-film hero, the star’s physicality has often taken center stage in his roles. And to keep himself in prime condition, he follows a super-strict fitness and diet regime – most of the time.

Cheat days

While Johnson favors healthy foods like lean meats, fish and vegetables throughout the week, all restraint goes out the window on his cheat days. The mountainous meals he consumes over these treat-yourself periods have gained legendary status online. And while many of the feasts look undeniably delicious, some fans can’t help but wonder just how The Rock manages them.

It's not an easy task

Johnson is a giant of the big screen — literally. His impressive stature sees him measure in at 6’5” in height and tipping the scales at about 270 pounds. But in order to maintain his mammoth statistics, the wrestler-turned-movie star puts in a great deal of work into his exercise routine and diet.

The Rock

Given that Johnson first rose to fame as a wrestler, his stature has always been a huge — no pun intended — part of his persona. And even before he joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) as The Rock, his sheer size had already played a part in shaping the course of his life.