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Here’s What Happens To Your Body When You Eat A Spoonful Of Honey Every Day

For some of us, no breakfast is complete without a delicious drizzling of honey. It’s pure heaven when the golden nectar hits our taste buds, transforming that bland bowl of oatmeal into something much more special. But here’s the thing: if you snack on toast with honey every morning or simply add a spoonful of the stuff to your daily cup of tea, it could have quite the impact on your body.

Honey Pairings

We wouldn’t blame you if you’re a honey fiend. It’s luscious, sweet, and very, very tasty. Yep, we totally see where Winnie the Pooh’s coming from! But if you haven’t a clue what kinds of food go with it best, then grab a pen. You’ll want to remember this.

Try It In Coffee

Obviously, honey can be used as a tempting topping for a plate of pancakes or a helping of toast. That goes without saying. But it can also add some extra sweetness to porridge, yogurt or even a bowl of cereal. And if you simply can’t get the day started without coffee, then you should try honey as a healthier alternative to sugar in your morning mug.

300 Different Varities

To say honey is a versatile substance would be an understatement. And here’s another interesting tidbit to consider: there isn’t just one type available. According to the Indian company Dabur – which sells honey – you can get your hands on over 300 unique varieties at present.

Massive Market

Honey’s pretty darn popular, too. According to Statista, folks in the U.S. snap up nearly $620 million worth of the stuff in a single year. And it’s a global trend. In a single year, the worldwide market for honey is roughly $7 billion, and that’s expected to jump up to more than $11 billion going into 2027.