What Your Sitting Position Says About You

People tend to sit down instinctively, without generally really giving it much thought. And because of this, some people argue that the way everyone sits is actually very telling about the type of person that they are. So, whether you cross your legs or lean far back into your chair, read on to see what your choice of position says about you…

Clinching the sides

If you’re one to hold on tightly to the arms of a chair, it might indicate a certain sensitivity. As per website Horizon Times, it says you need a little support and reassurance in order to feel comfortable in your environment. The armrest, as a literal structure that supports you and keeps you in place, is symbolic of that.

Strategic seating

The very place in a room where a person decides to sit says as much about them as the actual position they form. If they’re in a business meeting, for instance, it can be good to sit in the corner. According to the website Lifehack, that means they’re not directly facing other people, which could be read as confrontational. Setting down at a diagonal angle from someone else, on the other hand, can help suggest they can be trusted.

Straight back

As kids, we’re always told to sit up straight in our chairs and to maintain a good posture. That’s because, says Horizon Times, sitting up with our backs straight sends a message to others that we’re confident and strong. Another subtle message this pose transmits is that we can be relied upon because we’re responsible.


Lots of people sit with their knees pointing up and resting to the side. Not everyone knows there’s a name for the position, though. It’s called the sidesaddle, as it’s reminiscent of a horse-rider on the back of their mount with their legs hanging down along the same side. When sitting on furniture, some believe this position says a person is probably quite warmhearted.