This 75-Year-Old Totally Transformed Her Body – And Her Journey Is Truly Inspirational

Joan MacDonald’s story is as inspirational as they come. After receiving a serious wake-up call about her health from her physician, she decided to transform her body in a major way. Now, not only has Joan gotten her health back on track, but she also looks like a completely different woman. Yep, she’s proving that you’re never too old to get abs!

Jaw-dropping transformation

Joan’s jaw-dropping transformation has captured the hearts of social media users across the globe. A resident of Ontario, Canada, the septuagenarian has been sharing her progress online since she began to work on her body. And the numbers are truly staggering, as Joan quickly became an internet sensation.

Massive following

What kind of figures are we talking about here? Well, Joan boasts roughly 1.1 million followers on Instagram at the time of writing. Unbelievable, right? The inspirational Canadian also has her own website and a YouTube channel to boot.

Dedicated audience

Regarding Joan’s YouTube page, she also started that up around the time that her fitness journey began. Now, a little over four years later, the channel has nearly 60,000 subscribers. And on top of that, the videos have accumulated almost 2.5 million views. As you can see, she’s certainly found an audience!

Opening up about her health

Mind you, we can’t help but ask: what was Joan’s health like prior to all this? As we suggested earlier, her physician was quite concerned back then. To shed a bit more light on that period of time, the social media star spoke to Glamour magazine.