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Rebel Wilson Has Revealed The Reason Behind Her Personal Transformation

Rebel Wilson has been a cheerleader for body positivity ever since she rose to fame. In recent years, though, the actress has made some significant changes to her lifestyle — and that has led her to a whole new look. And Wilson has now revealed the moving reason why she decided to transform her physical and mental health.

Weight loss journey

Wilson’s size has been a media topic of conversation ever since she catapulted to stardom as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect. In fact, when Wilson was shooting Pitch Perfect in 2011, she was already the face of Jenny Craig in Australia. This became tricky when the Pitch producers asked Wilson not to lose any weight while filming her role.

Maintaining her size

In 2012 she told the Australian Daily Telegraph, “For my contract in that movie, I had to stay the same size. I’d lost ten kilograms and then had to maintain that for the whole movie — which is quite difficult. I was lucky in that I didn’t really have any health issues in that I had to lose weight or my heart would explode.”

A Hollywood welcome

The star was also lucky that Hollywood proved welcoming of her size. “When I walked into the U.S. agency I am with, they saw me and thought, ‘We don’t have anyone who looks like you, so we are going to accept you.’” And Wilson was seemingly happy enough in her own skin to crack jokes about herself.

Happy with herself

For instance, after the film version of Les Misérables scooped awards in January 2013, Wilson tweeted a picture of herself next to the movie’s star Anne Hathaway. This was accompanied by the caption, “Get ready for [the sequel]… I’m playing ‘Fat Cosette.’”