After Elvis, Most Fans Missed Priscilla Presley's Other Sizzling Relationships

It's been five whole decades since Priscilla Presley divorced The King. But life didn’t stand still after that. Contrary to what some people may think, the rollercoaster relationships didn’t end once the pair had gone their separate ways, either. While the spotlight may have focused on Elvis, Priscilla was on her own journey to find love again. And it wasn’t always smooth sailing.

Things weren’t easy

That’s not to say Priscilla’s life was always easy when she was with Elvis. Behind their seemingly idyllic romance, there was no shortage of drama. But even with Elvis’ wandering eye and unique sexual preferences, the couple seemed to stay in good relations — even after their separation.

So much happened

We're all familiar with Elvis' crazy post-Priscilla life, leading to his death in 1977. But it seems that Priscilla's life story sort of went under the radar. It’s a shame because there really is a lot to know — some of which may make even modern celebrities blush. So let's find out who she dated and how it all went down.

Karate lessons chopped the marriage

Funnily enough, one of the catalysts for Elvis and Priscilla’s divorce seemed to involve another man. Yep, Priscilla had an affair with her karate teacher Mike Stone. And to make matters more awkward, it was Elvis who got her into the martial art in the first place. He even talked her into taking lessons! 

Switching teachers

Initially, Priscilla started taking lessons at Chuck Norris' school in West Los Angeles. But then she ended up under the guidance of Stone and it didn't take long for the relationship to turn into, let's say, a more unprofessional one. But as Priscilla explained on a 2016 episode of the British talk show Loose Women, she still loved Elvis. She just “needed to find out what the world was like."