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Pranks Gone Sour: Jaw Dropping Instances When Being Mischievous Backfires

In the realm of jokes and jests, pranks stand as the ultimate mischief, which is an unyielding force of hilarity that knows no bounds. "Prank" — a single word that carries the power to spark joy, unleash chaos, and leaves even the most souls in stitches. However, not everybody can successfully pull off an amazing prank. Sometimes, they fall short of the mark.

In this thrilling exploration, we'll uncover some pranks that backfired monumentally. From failed pranks that give you secondhand embarrassment to those that are outrightly cruel, get ready to get your mind blown away.

The Miracle

I'm a bartender and one of my managers celebrated their birthday a few weeks ago. He'd already celebrated hard the night so he asked that when he poured shots that we use a whisky bottle filled with iced tea for him. We happily agreed, thinking it would be funny watching the other manager get wasted and having trouble keeping up.

An hour or so later, the other manager came and told us that he also was having a rough night and wanted us to use iced tea when we were pouring shots of whisky for him. 

So, both managers wander up to the bar and get shots with each other all night. All the bartenders know what's going on, but they have no clue that they are matching shot for shot of iced tea. Both start becoming amazed that the other can handle 20+ shots of whisky in only a few hours time. Both are acting as though they are wasted.

We ultimately tell them what was going on by pouring them a drink from the other person's bottle.  


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When Sleep Deprivation Meets Science Class

I was in high school, and had a lot of trouble sleeping. I was in one of my classes with a teacher that was generally laid back, and we were working in groups, so I was sitting on the table, facing my friends (and away from the front of the room). At this point, I hadn't gotten more than a couple of hours of sleep over the past several days, and was totally in a daze, and starting to have some hallucinations.

My teacher didn't know this, but he decided that he was going to be super funny about getting me off of the table.

This was a science class, so they were very high, very heavy lab tables, and there were cabinets underneath all of the counters around the edge of the room. My table happened to be next to one of these cabinets.

My teacher came up and very quickly lifted one side of the table about a foot off the ground. I slid off the table and onto the floor as he dropped the table, which made a really, really loud bang. 

I flipped the heck out, darted into a cabinet, and started crying while all of my friends berated the teacher in no uncertain or safe for work terms.

It was one of those things that should have been okay, but at the time I had no idea what the heck had happened or why I was on the floor or why things were loud and wasn't really capable of processing it.

Instant Message Mayhem

I had a job in an office with a bunch of people who were around my age at the time (around 23-26). A lot of us kept AIM open while we worked because the job got a little tedious. My co-worker, N, kept sending me snippets of conversation with a girl, K, he said was annoying him.

K would send him stupid little things on purpose, like "'lol' looks like a man drowning" and N, being a rather busy person at work, would not act amused. 

I copied K's screen name from the chat logs he sent me, and pasted together a fake one that went something like this:

K: I dunno why he's being so mean.

Me: I have no idea, maybe he's in a bad mood.

K: He probably just wants to get with me.

I sent this fake chat log to N. I figured if he believed me, I'd just tell him it was fake right after. Little did I know, K is standing a few feet away from N's desk. I hear N stand up and say to her, "You think I want to get with you?!" 

He basically just yelled at this girl in the middle of our company's office. I think she started crying, I felt awful.


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911, It’s An Emergency

The Manson Family used to do this thing they called "creepy crawling" where they would break into a house when a family was sleeping and rearrange the furniture, steal stuff, etc. and then sneak out without waking them. 

A friend of mine read about it in Vincent Bugliosi's book about the Family and it really freaked him out. We lived in Southern California and this was only a few years after the murders.

His parents were away on vacation (we were teenagers at the time) and he was working late so me and another guy broke into his house and rearranged all of the downstairs furniture. We also went upstairs and unscrewed all of the light bulbs. 

Finally we took some dog hair and put it in the kitchen sink with a knife and some fake blood we had from Halloween. We took the dog back to my house (a couple of doors down) and were going to meet him when he came home to see his reaction.

Unfortunately he got off early and while we were back at my house smoking weed and yukking it up he returned home. He discovered the state of his house and really lost it and called the cops

They searched the downstairs and when they found out the lights were out downstairs they retreated and called the SWAT team to search the rest of the house. This is about the time we wandered outside to see what the commotion was all about.

The dog followed us outside and ran back home just ahead of us, but fortunately no one saw this and we just stood there talking to our friend acting dumb. We were scared out of our minds - there were at least 10 cop cars and the entire department there. 

The cops questioned us (we were very, very stoned) but somehow didn't suspect us. Eventually they decided it was a prank of some sort (the fake blood gave it away) and although my friend knew it was us he kept his mouth shut so it all ended without any serious repercussions.


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