Experts Discovered A Peculiar Medieval Potion – And It Has The Power To Transform Modern Medicine

A group of scientists are gathered around a beaker. And in it is a peculiar mixture: garlic, onion and a section of a cow’s belly. Yes, anyone watching these experts would be forgiven for thinking that they’d lost their minds. After all, the potion that the researchers are creating sounds like something a witch might concoct. But in reality, this formula might just prove to be effective against a very real and potentially deadly modern bug.

The group has come from the University of Warwick in England – an institution that’s recognized globally for its educational virtues. And more to the point, the team members are all beacons of science and reason. So, what has led experts Dr. Blessing Anonye, Jessica Furner-Pardoe and Dr. Freya Harrison to turn to such out-there medicinal components?

Well, the researchers are actually basing their work on concocting an ancient eye treatment. The recipe, which was extracted from a manuscript called Bald’s Leechbook, is curiously called “Bald’s eyesalve.” And though the remedy dates back roughly 1,000 years, the scientists were astonished to discover its ability to treat a certain ailment today.

Bald’s Leechbook is essentially a series of remedies compiled and presented in the Old English language. The elixirs contained within had derived from a range of civilizations, such as Rome, Greece, and Britain itself. One particular section of the book even details a recipe that seems to have come from Jerusalem.

Bald’s Leechbook is full of recipes that were aimed at aiding people suffering from ill health. However, there are also directions for potions designed to overcome more mystic and metaphysical ailments. Some formulas, for instance, advised people on how to create ointments that would protect them from ominous creatures such as elves and goblins.