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20 Bachelor Party Fails That Nearly Destroyed The Wedding

Bachelor parties weren’t always rowdy affairs. Back in the day – and we’re talking waaaaay back in the day – they were dignified. Sedate, even. In the 5th century B.C., the Spartans just took everyone out to dinner and raised glasses to their soon-to-be-married friends. Now, though, if your “last night of freedom” didn’t feature some kind of tiger-locked-in-the-bathroom deal, did you even have a real bachelor party? But be warned if you’re the best man at any upcoming wedding. These horrifying stories reveal what can happen if you let things get really out of hand.

20. The wedding crasher

Writing on Quora, Marita Gambescia Gaudini claimed that one bachelor party actually caused the wedding itself to be canceled. What happened? Well, apparently, the bash itself was quite tame – by The Hangover standards, at least. Everything came to a head, though, when the bride-to-be decided to make an appearance.

One step too far

And it seems that this unanticipated event was just one step too far for the groom. He called off the wedding, you see, as reportedly his betrothed’s actions made him look “weak.” Still, if that’s true, then the jilted woman may very well feel like she dodged a bullet there.

19. Head over heels

This is a classic case of Murphy’s law. You know, the one that says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”? The incredible story first appeared on Reddit by way of poster Kejoriv. He claimed that one groom-to-be got so out of it at his bachelor party that he tumbled over the side of a deck… three stories high. Ouch!

Major battle scars

Unsurprisingly, the soon-to-be-married dude didn’t exactly walk away from his ordeal unscathed. He cracked bones in both his arms, for one, and needed stitches on his head – which meant he got a super-short buzz cut into the bargain. But while the bride wasn’t too happy about it all, she still said “I do.” Yep, only the groom’s wrists broke up – not the couple.