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40 Times Hotels Just Got It Completely Wrong

Most people check into a hotel to forget the humdrum of everyday life. But not every stay meets that escape-from-reality mark. Instead, we sometimes find ourselves in rooms which don’t meet our standards — or even the ones listed on the website that sold us on the place. While it might be annoying or uncomfortable to experience a subpar hotel firsthand, it’s hilarious to look back. And it’s even funnier if you weren’t the one who had to deal with it! That’s why we’ve gathered this list of our favorite hotel fails. We promise, you really won’t believe that some of these are real. But, unfortunately, they are.

1. A familiar face in bed

What could be more welcoming than an angry A-lister perched on your bed? Just imagine walking into your hotel suite and seeing none other than Samuel L. Jackson gazing back at you. That happened to one Redditor, who shared this image of a hotel bed bedecked with a portrait pillow. Why the hotel chose such an aggressive pose, I guess we’ll never know.

2. Close your door wisely

You might not see the problem with this hotel room right away. But when you do, the questionable engineering really is a sight to behold. The person who checked into this space described the issue succinctly on Reddit. They wrote, “In my hotel room, I can either close the closet or the bathroom, but not both at the same time.” It’s unlikely this design will catch on any time soon!

3. Press for ass

It’s always nice to know that your hotel has 24-hour reception in case you need anything. Well, this place took that promise one step further by promising customers a risque service at just the press of a button. With one push, it seems they could get after-hours ass — so long as they hit the right control.

4. Stairway to nowhere

Who doesn’t love that Cinderella feeling you get when walking down the hotel staircase to dinner? Well, not so fast, princess. Unfortunately, this hotel must have misread the memo on how to entice customers with luxe design choices and striking architectural features. Sure, they managed the grand staircase, but wait a sec, it leads to… A stucco wall. Stunning.