Grandmothers Are Sharing Their Best Beauty Tips That Still Hold Up Today

Sometimes, Grandma really does know best, especially when it comes to beauty! Yep, there's a reason yours still looks flawless to this day, and it's not because of all those "age-defying" products cluttering up drug store shelves. In fact, if grandmothers have anything to say about it, all you need to age beautifully are a few simple products and a strict beauty routine. Turns out the old wives’ tales about homemade beauty hacks and vintage skin care tips haven’t merely been plucked from thin air!

Velcro hair rollers are classics

If you spend hours toiling with your curling iron, then consider taking Vickie W.’s advice. She told website BedTimez, “I still use velcro hair rollers. I always will. They make a better set that lasts longer than a curling iron.” Plus, velcro rollers don’t use heat. Who knew you could create bouncy curls without frying your hair in the process?

Use colored eyeliner

Now here’s a beauty tip we can trust! The granddaughter of 1953’s Miss World for Sweden told Reader’s Digest about one of her grandmother’s tried-and-true tricks for bright, entrancing eyes: colored eyeliner! Apparently, using a subtle blue liner for blue eyes, brown liner for brown eyes, and so on, is a much softer way of making your eyes pop. No more stark black liner for us! 

Superduper sunscreen

When it comes to aging gracefully, there’s one product that doctors just may recommend more than any other: sunscreen! “Even when [grandma] was in her 50s and 60s no one could ever guess her age,” Stefanie Parks, founder of a dermatologist-approved skincare company, told Reader’s Digest. Her grandma’s secret? “She always covered up, wearing sunscreen, hats, long sleeves, and pants, and would even walk around with an umbrella to protect her skin from the sun.” 

"Nothing works better" than Vaseline

Here’s another iconic product that’s almost definitely in your bathroom somewhere: Vaseline! Shelley T. told BedTimez that the petroleum jelly brand does more than soothe cuts, burns, and dry skin. “[I use] Vaseline to remove my eye makeup,” she revealed. “Nothing works better.” Add “makeup remover” to Vaseline’s long list of uses!