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This American Ghost Town Sat Deserted For Years – But Then One Man Blew His Life Savings To Move In

Cerro Gordo has long been a shell of its former self. The one-time silver mine dried up, and its residents left town with the last of the precious metal in 1919. As the buildings slowly fell apart and the rich history began to fade, one man stepped in to save it all. But so many people have been left to wonder… why?

A town full of ghosts

In its prime, Cerro Gordo had a ton of residents who caused more trouble than you’d imagine in such a small town. It’s quiet now, of course, but that silence hangs heavy over the dilapidated buildings that point to a much more storied past. Some people swear that even if they visit by themselves, they’re not there alone. Ghosts supposedly still linger in the one-time mining destination, and that’s only the first problem you’d encounter in this place nestled unsuspectingly in the mountains of California.

Far from civilization

There’s also the fact that Cerro Gordo sits far from civilization, just as it did in its turn-of-the-20th-century heyday. Even now, the closest town’s 50 miles away. There’s no running water, and there’s only one gravel road into town. So when things go wrong – and they do — there’s no one around to help.

Face to face with a ghost

Even the town’s new owner, Brent Underwood, has had his fair share of freakouts on the dusty streets of the town he purchased in 2018. He told Vice, “I was not a big believer in ghosts prior to buying Cerro Gordo…” And then he looked up at a window of a crumbling building and saw a shadowy villager from the town’s past staring back at him.

Underwood's ambitious plan

You’re probably wondering, why would anyone want to visit this place, let alone buy it? Underwood has his reasons – and, if they come to fruition, they could push Cerro Gordo forward after years of stagnation and neglect. Of course, it would all depend on whether the ghosts would cooperate with him…