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40 Yard Signs Written By True Comic Geniuses

People put signs up on their properties for all kinds of reasons. For instance, perhaps they’re advertising a yard sale, or want to leave a polite notice for their neighbors. Sometimes though, these placards can serve the secondary purpose of making others laugh, as these hilarious examples prove.

40. Smoking cat

You can’t blame this resident for asking folk not to drop their cigarette butts near their house. After all, they are unsightly and slightly gross. This householder, however, clearly understood that displaying a sense of humor about the issue was more likely to be effective than taking a more straightforward approach. And dreaming up a (presumably fictionalized) feline nicotine habit certainly sparked online interest, and doubtless caught the attention of its target audience too.

39. Neighborly complaint

It’s not clear if this army of plastic flamingos was the cause of this neighborly dispute, or a reaction to it. Whatever the case, the accompanying sign revealed some major beef brewing as a result of an alleged phone call to the police. Let’s hope the person in question took heed, ’cause these birds don’t look like they’re messing around.

38. Armed turtle on the loose

Usually, a missing pet doesn't provoke fears over public safety in the local community, but it seems as though this turtle may be of the Teenage Mutant Ninja variety. This humorous sign jokes that the snapper might be on the loose with a pair of nunchucks. With that in mind, it warns that the animal is “slow but very dangerous.”

37. Real estate reassurance

In the fickle world of real estate, it doesn’t take much for a deal to fall through.So it seems that this agent has taken upon himself to eliminate one worry from potential buyers’ minds by officially declaring this house as ghoul-free right up front on the sign. At least the new owner will be able to sleep soundly.