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A Second Glance At These Photos Reveals Nothing Is Quite As It Seems

Some photos you hold dear to your heart – like those hilarious snaps of you and the fam on vacation, or your youngest’s adorable first school picture. Other photos? Well, they’re memorable for all the wrong reasons. They’re a little... off. Or, to put it bluntly, totally bizarre. Take these photographs, for example. Here, nothing is quite as it seems...

He skipped leg day

The bride and groom’s first dance is usually a truly special moment. But this one doesn’t feel right, does it? Did she marry a faun? Or the real-life Mr. Incredible? Ultimately, the dress is to blame for this bizarre visual – although it’s still pretty funny nonetheless.

The coolest cat in town

Selfies with pets are absolutely adorable. That white cat, though? We’re scared. This mean kitty looks like it’s about to jump on its Harley and head to a bar, ready for a brawl. Well, though cats can sometimes be, um, tricky to deal with, that “leather jacket” is actually just the seat the fluffy feline in this shot is sitting on.

Open arms

While the kid in the middle is clearly the tallest of the bunch, something’s still pretty strange here. You spotted it? We’re scared, too. Before you start having nightmares, though, let’s clear it up. That hand actually belongs to the guy who’s second from the left in the line.

"What are you reading?”

That newspaper article sure looks engrossing. But who’s really sitting in the armchair? Hmm, well, it may look as though the guy’s the one sneaking a peek at the headlines, but it’s the woman who’s actually leaning over. Those hairy arms and legs kinda give the game away!