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Experts Break Down The Most Eco-Friendly Foods We Can Eat

These days, we’re becoming more and more aware of what we eat, and this doesn’t just mean cutting down on cholesterol and saturated fats. It also means thinking about the environmental impact of the food we consume. But honestly, it can be hard to know where to start. So, we’ve rounded up the most environmentally friendly foods on the planet according to the experts, so you don’t have to! And the good news is that these sustainable foods are readily available and easy to incorporate into your diet!

1. Shellfish

If you adore seafood, chances are you have a fondness for mussels, clams, and oysters. These shellfish are popular delicacies around the world, and they are environmentally friendly to boot. Why? Well, these shellfish feed themselves, and when they are grown on ropes they don’t damage the environment and even form habitats for other species. And bivalve-farming is carbon efficient, plus the shellfish actually clean the water.

Crammed full of nutrients

As well as being sustainable, shellfish are great for your health. These mollusks are crammed full of protein, selenium, zinc, and healthy fats including Omega 3. Also, they can be used as a decent substitute for other more traditional but unsustainable seafoods and meats due to their chewy texture. Serve them up in a cherry tomato-and-garlic stew or simply on a seafood platter.

2. Quinoa

Quinoa is a popular foodstuff around the world with impressive sustainability credentials. As it is a hardy crop, this whole grain originating in South America can be grown in challenging environments featuring high winds, frost, and even drought. Elevated water salinity doesn’t stop it prospering either, meaning it can be cultivated in areas of the world already severely affected by climate change, and it is often grown during fallow periods in crop-rotation systems.


Besides its sustainability, quinoa is one tasty type of whole grain that is packed full of protein, vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients. Boffins have even labeled it a “superfood.” So, if you want a healthy diet it is a good idea to incorporate quinoa into it. The grain goes really well with breakfast cereal or stuffed into bell peppers. Or perhaps toss some quinoa on a kale salad?