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Dolly Parton Shares The Eccentric Beauty Hacks She Swears By

Dolly Parton is in her 70s now, but she still looks fantastic. But then again, she’s looked fantastic in every era of her life. The legendary singer ⁠— who contemplated becoming a beautician before being a country music icon — has shared her best health and beauty tips over the years. Here’s what Dolly recommends doing to stay looking fresh-faced and fabulous.

1. Highlight your beauty marks

Dolly has had a beauty mark all her life, and she’s very proud of it. Rather than covering it up, she highlights it and makes it more noticeable with makeup. She’s one of the lucky ones to have a real beauty mark. During the ’90s there was a big craze for them, and other stars would even draw them on!

2. Use eye makeup remover pads

Dolly has a few go-to products when she needs to take off her eye makeup. She told First for Women magazine in 2015, “I try all the new things that come out, but there’s nothing better than good old Vaseline and those Almay eye makeup–remover pads. I use those little pads to clean my face, and it leaves enough mineral oil on my skin that it’s a good nighttime moisturizer.”

3. Wear false nails

If you don’t like your fingernails, simply do what Dolly does and wear fake ones. They’ve become an iconic part of her look… and believe it or not, they have a practical use, too. When first creating the hit “9 to 5,” Dolly actually tapped them together to make a beat! If you look closely at the crediting for the track, you’ll notice it says “nails by Dolly.”

4. Wear bright lip colors

Dolly clearly loves a bright lippy. She wrote on her Facebook in September 2017, “When I was a little girl I used red pokeberries for lipstick. I’m glad I don’t have to do that anymore, but I’ll always be grateful for the lessons it taught me!” And it’s a good thing she stopped when she did, too, as red pokeberries are poisonous! Now, she sticks with regular bright lip gloss.