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40 Tattoo Fails So Bad They’ll Leave You In Stitches

Getting a tattoo generally isn’t something you want to experience remorse over. Unlike eating a bad burrito or stubbing your toe, the aftereffects aren’t going to go away any time soon. Yes, barring any painful removal procedures or costly cover-ups, you’re basically stuck with your ink forever. So it’s probably a good idea to make sure you get it spot-on the first time! But from ill-advised forehead tattoos to more misspellings than we care to count, these 40 people definitely didn’t do it right...

40. Marilyn Monroe fail

We’re big fans of “What if?” scenarios. For example, what if Marilyn Monroe starred in the classic ’80s B-movie The Toxic Avenger? We reckon she would probably look a little something like this. Yeah, actually, we regret ever asking.

39. Never lose hoop

Words to live by – if you’re a world-class basketball player. Or maybe a professional hula-hooper? Either way, all it takes to keep going is to believe in yourself. Or should that be youself?

38. Bizarre compass

We’ve got news for this woman: a compass shouldn’t read “news.” Let’s just hope nobody ever has to rely on her back for navigation. Otherwise, like her, they may find their lives are heading in the wrong direction.

37. Like looking in a mirror

If tattoos are a work of art, this one probably belongs in a museum. We reckon it would fit in perfectly at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Because, frankly, we’re finding it hard to believe anyone would really be happy with this monstrosity.